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The reigning prima donna of the 21st century, Anna Netrebko has redefined what it means to be an opera star, becoming perhaps the most celebrated soprano in the world. In live performance and on award-winning recordings, her portrayals of opera’s most iconic heroines have already made an indelible mark. Now, as she ventures into bolder, more dramatic repertoire, she continues to reach new heights. From singing at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics to becoming the first classical artist named to TIME magazine’s list of the world’s 100 most influential people, Anna serves as opera’s leading global ambassador and is widely recognized as one of today’s most compelling, committed performing artists in any genre. Offstage, on social media, she shares her infectious joie de vivre – along with her love of family, fashion, and food – inspiring people to live their most colorful lives and to celebrate what makes them unique.

Latest News:

  • 29.03.2018 - Reviews: Anna Netrebko as Lady Macbeth

  • "Netrebko’s soprano has retained its plush upholstery of sound, where many Lady Macbeths sound threadbare or steely. The long curly black wig makes her look like one of Hollywood’s grandes dames, and there is something of cinema’s golden age about her larger-than-life melodrama. But make no mistake: this is a knock-’em-dead performance." - Finantial Times

    "Verdi famously said that he wanted ‘the Lady’, as he called her, to be almost voiceless, hardly to sing at all, and so on. If he really meant that he would have been shocked by Anna Netrebko, for she gave one of the most stunning vocal performances heard in this theatre for many years. Her voice is now enormous, but miraculously retains its flexibility and range of colour. It is completely at her command, absolutely steady, and deployed with rare dramatic intelligence. Verdi would have been disarmed." - The Spectator

    "And it’s all superbly performed. It was of course a bonus to have Anna Netrebko as Lady Macbeth, but this Russian soprano now seems born to sing the role. Proud, pitiless, and ruthless, she casually washes her hands at a standpipe after smearing the guards with incriminating blood when her vacillating husband (Zeljko Lucic) returns, shattered, from committing the first murder. Her timbre has the hard brilliance of polished steel, but in her sleepwalking scene it takes on a grave and rueful beauty." - The Independent

    "Her substantial, smoky instrument, with its darkly coloured lower register, suits the character and she remains unfazed by even the trickiest notes, even if her coloratura is on the efficient side of brilliant." - The Stage

    "Her voice has darkened and gained in amplitude of late without losing its agility, and her vaunting, thrilling coloratura is at once the expression of her own steely fixity of will and the weapon with which she incites her husband to murder." - The Guardian

    "‘La luce langue’ is dispatched with striking musical sensitivity and her fourth-act sleepwalking scene is mesmerisingly subtle in its spookiness, delicately coloured, imaginatively phrased and technically assured. Here is grand old-school singing of a sort that one rarely hears nowadays, more’s the pity, and it emphatically justifies Netrebko’s high reputation." - The Telegraph

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