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Javier Camarena

“His good-sized voice is of uncommon beauty from bottom to top; the middle of the voice in particular is virile and darkish in color, but with a burnished glow… recitatives, subito pianos, long diminuendos on high notes, tasteful rubatos, cadenzas and variations that are born out of the drama…”

Latest News:

  • 13.08.2018 - Javier Camarena announces debut album on Decca Classics with Cecilia Bartoli

  • As announced today in Salzburg, Javier Camarena’s newest recording, Contrabandista, is available for pre-order on Decca Classics. The album, Javier’s debut on Decca Classics and the launch of Cecilia Bartoli’s new label “Mentored by Bartoli,” is an exploration of Spanish tenor, composer and impresario Manuel García. Javier performs three world premiere recordings of García works alongside arias by Rossini and Zingarelli and a duet from Armida with Cecilia Bartoli.

    Javier says, “I’m honoured to present my debut solo album on Decca Classics with Cecilia Bartoli. Working alongside her, whether on stage or in the studio, is always an artistically rewarding and inspiring experience. I am thrilled that with this project we are illuminating the life and music of this fascinating historical figure, Manuel García.”

    The album is available for pre-order today, and will be released on October 5.

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