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Javier Camarena

“His good-sized voice is of uncommon beauty from bottom to top; the middle of the voice in particular is virile and darkish in color, but with a burnished glow… recitatives, subito pianos, long diminuendos on high notes, tasteful rubatos, cadenzas and variations that are born out of the drama…”

Latest News:

  • 02.10.2017 - Javier Camarena - I Puritani DVD release

  • BelAir will release “I Puritani” with Javier Camarena, Diana Damrau and Ludovic Tezier from the Teatro Real de Madrid. The performance was conducted by Evelin Pido in a production from Emilio Sagi.

    For more information about this exciting upcoming release, click here.

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