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Javier Camarena

“His good-sized voice is of uncommon beauty from bottom to top; the middle of the voice in particular is virile and darkish in color, but with a burnished glow… recitatives, subito pianos, long diminuendos on high notes, tasteful rubatos, cadenzas and variations that are born out of the drama…”

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  • 15.01.2018 - Javier Camarena: I puritani DVD review

  • I can’t say enough nice things about Javier Camarena’s singing. His voice has an ardent, honeyed smoothness that he maintains throughout the great range demanded by the role. I have heard tenors who take the safe route and opt not to attempt the brief passages above high C - this is totally honorable. I have heard one well-known tenor go for them and miss the mark each time (what a nightmare!) I have also heard tenors who nab those notes but it’s a scary moment for everyone concerned. Camarena confidently rides the music all the way up. The close-ups reveal the effort, but he accomplishes it each time. And all the while he looks ecstatically pleased to be there, even in the melancholy moments. - Michael Johnson, ConcertoNet

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