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Javier Camarena

“His good-sized voice is of uncommon beauty from bottom to top; the middle of the voice in particular is virile and darkish in color, but with a burnished glow… recitatives, subito pianos, long diminuendos on high notes, tasteful rubatos, cadenzas and variations that are born out of the drama…”

Latest News:

  • 30.05.2018 - Javier Camarena "impressive" in Maria Stuarda

  • "The tenor Javier Camarena made for an equally impressive Earl of Leicester. He conveyed ardency but tenderness without resorting to extravagant gestures, whether expressing his devotion to Mary or imploring Elizabeth to spare her. So seductive is his tone that one believes in his ability to arouse the Queen of England’s jealousy." - Finantial Times

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