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“Only one lyric tenor on the scene today has the honeyed tone and ingratiating style to make comparisons to Pavarotti and Gigli seem serious, and it is Calleja, the man from Malta, who … is now maturing into an artist of the first rank.” – New Yorker. Blessed with a golden-age voice that routinely inspires comparisons to “legendary singers from earlier eras: Jussi Björling, Beniamino Gigli, even Enrico Caruso” (Associated Press), Maltese-born Joseph Calleja has quickly become one of the most acclaimed and sought-after tenors today. His expansive discography and frequent appearances on the world’s leading opera and concert stages prompted NPR to hail him as “arguably today’s finest lyric tenor,” and led to his being voted Gramophone magazine’s 2012 Artist of the Year. A Grammy-nominated recording artist for Decca Classics, he has released five solo albums for the label.

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  • 23.08.2017 - Joseph Calleja: I due Foscari

  • Jacopo trouve en Jospeh Calleja un interprète complet et charismatique. Il faut louer la palette de couleur et l’attention aux nuances du ténor maltais qui permettent de donner une épaisseur à l’innocent persécuté. Du piano infime à l’aigu péremptoire il ne lui manque aucune cartouche, ni aucune demi-teintes qu’il parsème avec élégance dans un phrasé racé. Aux saluts, il dispute les bravi à son aîné. -  Yannick Boussaert 


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