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Mojca Erdmann

Praised by critics and loved by audiences for her beauty of tone and impeccable artistry, soprano Mojca Erdmann is a fixum in the international music scene. Of her return to the Metropolitan Opera in 2012, the New York Times wrote “Mojca Erdmann brought a sweet, beguiling voice and a demure sincerity to Susanna”. Known for her versatility in repertoire ranging from baroque to contemporary music, the BBC Music Magazine praised her as an “interpreter of major gifts”.

Latest News:

  • 28.01.2019 - Mojca Erdmann: Babylon in Berlin

  • From March 9 - 24, Mojca Erdmann sings The Soul in Jörg Widmann's Babylon at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. Charles Workman is Tammu, Susanne Elmark is Inanna and John Tomlinson is The Priest King. Daniel Barenboim leads the orchestra.

    Widmann’s Babylon deals with the boundaries of language, and indeed of linguistic confusion. The composer places the multicultural society of the pre-ancient, culturally advanced metropolis of Babylon at the centre of his opera. It is not only the Babylonians who move between chaos and order, but also the Jewish exile Tammu, who forsakes his erstwhile love, the Soul, to turn instead to the Babylonian priestess of war and free love, Inanna. When a human sacrifice is called for to appease the gods who once punished the people of Babylon with the Flood, the Priest-King chooses Tammu. After Tammu is executed, Inanna decides to go down into the underworld to convince its ruler, Death, to allow her lover to return to the world of the living. Finally, a new covenant is made between the gods and the people, and order is – at least temporarily – restored.

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