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Piotr Beczała is one of the most sought-after tenors of our time and a constant guest in the world’s leading opera houses. The Polish-born artist is acclaimed by audiences and critics alike not only for the beauty of his voice, but also for his ardent commitment to each character he portrays. In addition to his operatic work, he has sung many of the great vocal works with the world’s most distinguished orchestras and maestri.

Latest News:

  • 14.06.2018 - Das Land Des Lachelns: Piotr Beczala Shines

  • "The Star of the Night

    As Prince Sou-Chong, Beczala played a convincing lover, singing with ardor and finesse, especially once some opening reticence retreated. While he admitted he could have his sweetheart beheaded if he wanted, such cruelty remained latent in his character. In the operetta’s most famous aria, “Dein ist mein ganzes Herz,” he sang with direct and honest feeling. No hiding, no false over-romanticism, but a straightforward confession of love. Beczala built up his offering on its own merits; he didn’t force or cajole, he was plaintive without pleading, but also occasionally melting. His legato was smooth and mellifluous, the volume never obviously manipulated; he knew the dials and he aptly played them. Even the reprise of part of the aria was welcome. It wouldn’t have disturbed anyone if he’d sung it two or three times more, “a la” the days when tenors let the audience, their claques, or their own egos determine repetition, dramatically logical or not."


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