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Rolando Villazón

Rolando Villazón is among the most versatile artists alive today, maintaining successful careers as a stage director, novelist, and TV personality next to his on-stage career. His singularly beautiful voice and arresting stage presence have prompted critics to hail him as “better than ever before…the sound of his voice is phenomenal…few tenors of such vocal power can shape such pianissimi” (Süddeutsche Zeitung) and “his artistry as astonishing as ever, fusing sound, sense and gesture in an uncompromising quest for veracity” (The Guardian).

Latest News:

  • 23.01.2013 - Villazón Verdi

  • Deutsche Grammophon has released Rolando Villazon's latest album Villazón Verdi, a tribute to the master opera composer's 200th anniversary. Rheinische Post lauded Rolando's performance on the album for his vocal "fluency and radiant high notes," and Musikwoche writes that Rolando's rendition of "Questo o quella" (Rigoletto) and "O mio rimorso!" (La traviata) with his "smooth and passionate voice reminds us why he is part of the dream cast for these roles."

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