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  • 14.04.2019 - Claus Guth: Heart Chamber in Berlin

    Claus Guth directs a production of Chaya Czernowin's Heart Chamber at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, starring Patrizia Ciofi, Noa Frenkel, Dietrich Henschel, Terry Wey and Frauke Aulbert. The performances take place from November 15 - December 6.

    Heart Chamber is the name of Chaya Czernowin's latest musical theatre piece, and she aims to delve as deep as she can. She continues the centuries-old opera tradition of always prioritising the heart and its excitations. Czernowin is conducting an "examination of love" in the 21st century, addressing the romantic sense of love with doubt and destruction while hoping for a utopia of love. At the centre of Heart Chamber is a loving relationship between two people and the forces that result from it: they alternate between attraction and repulsion, between the longing to melt into one another and the desire for independence. Chaya Czernowin writes an opera about the smallest and biggest moments in the meeting of two hearts. In Heart Chamber their stirrings can be sent through the room as fragile sounds, characters themselves. Or they build up into voluminous clouds of orchestra and electronics to then unload into a violent rush of sound.

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